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Generally known as Liberty, from South Australia. I am a self proclaimed artist, it is my absolute passion as well as all things natural, animal rights and human rights. I am fascinated by Wicca-Craft and if I could live naked in the forest without being frowned upon, that would be great.

I enjoy; visual arts, philosophy, english and photography. Lasagna is my favourite, after that it would have to be cauliflower cheese dishes. The earthy tones such as greens and beiges. I am content in my own company but am happy with the presence of a close friend. I love pin up related things and makeup. I love Sphynx cats. There really isn't much I do like enough to mention.



 Black Orchid


The first time a boy left me, I dreamt of Freud and woke up weeping.

I’d been curled up in bed in the shape of where his body used to be.

In the beginning I even considered filing a missing person’s report,

going to the cops with empty hands

in the middle of the night,…



New black lace harness bra that I fixed up! This is the first time I’ve tried this caged design and I really like it. What do you think? 💀




wow unter We Heart It.

dyspnoeic omg

Tiny Hand